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Energy Star Homes
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Being green is a living aesthetic, replete with good living and a clean conscious.


LEED homes Architecture
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Green Architects and Builders

EcoHouse is a methodology that designs and builds tighter, healthier and wiser.

The new home owner should start with a checklist that provides the framework for the design and build process.  What could be more luxurious than a safe and comfortable home?  There are four major topics to this discussion for building a green home: Strength, Tightness, Health, and Responsibly.

Build Strong

·   Start with an Architect.  He has done this process before.  He can bring all the questions and ideas into a consolidated whole.

·   Study the site.  Learn what the site’s sun and wind and slope can do for your house rather than undermining your efforts.

·   Develop a quality Plan.  Incorporate how you want to live and thrive.

·   Choose durable materials and techniques.  Buy the best you can afford and emphasize the aspects of the design that most concern you.

·    Use the best practices to construct your home.  Know the latest in building science.  Use proven methods.  Test them.

A home rich with real materials and sunlight can warm our lives.  However, modernity would have us believe that cold science and industrial repetitiveness can provide for all our needs.  We take a larger view.  We believe that our home should be pleasing and natural, full of the things that delight us while retaining a small ecological footprint.

Build Tight

·   Make efficient use of space and avoid waste.

·   Model the house with third party Energy Star Energy Raters

·   Select the energy envelope of the house to best fit your needs.

·   Manage water, humidity, heat and air.

·   Select the correct appliances and light fixtures for your needs.

·   Prepare for power outages.  Consider renewable energy.

Using our advanced training and experience in green methods we can provide you with any level of sustainable improvements. From simple, yet effective, insulation and mechanical system upgrades to advanced energy producing systems even to the extent of living off the grid. We are experienced in high tech methods such as roof top rain water capture systems and recycled greywater from sinks to irrigate and conserve potable water, passive solar systems, wind power, green roofs, geothermal, as well as, super insulated walls such as ICF and SIPS, but even the simplest of energy improvements such as insulation upgrades and replacements, window upgrades, and solar or tankless water heaters all have great impact on your energy costs.

Build Healthy

·   Make your home safe for you and your family.

·   Consider how your home affects your well being and lifestyle.

·   Research the materials and finishes that are used in your home.

·   Design your air and heat systems properly and balance the system.

·   Ventilate your house with good air.  Consider a filtration system.  Control combustion.

At Ecohouse, we strive to build homes that have lower Volatile Organic Compounds which provide a significantly healthier living environment. Lowering Formaldehyde levels can help those with chemical sensitivities.  Reducing PVC usage in our home provides a safer water supply for all of us.  We ask these questions for ourselves and our clients.  We use Energy Recovery Ventilation systems to keep the tight house fresh and clean.

Build Responsibly

·   Be a good steward of resources

·   Use recycled materials and renewable sources where possible.

·   Manage the construction waste stream to not fill the landfills.

·   Design for storm water drainage.  Harvest rain water for irrigation.

·   Be a good neighbor.

We also use products from forests that have responsible stewardship programs.  And we reuse and recycle our resources at every opportunity.  We manage our construction waste streams and have taught awareness.  We use less embodied energy in our products and favored materials that cannot only be recycled but reused.  All this, and we have been able maintain a sophisticated style that rivals more exploitative constructive methods.